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We're Hilty Home Design Co.

Welcome to our site! We're Cory & Emily Hilty, the co-owners of Hilty Home Design Co. Married, with two pups, living in Central Ohio, we launched our business in March of 2019 and we've been enjoying every minute of it! We strive to create unique rustic wood pieces for your home and everything is handmade to order. We are constantly creating new designs and launching new products because to us, we love the challenge of creating something new for any home. Have an idea for a custom piece you've been wanting? Contact us below, we love helping you make your dream a reality, and we're always up for the challenge!

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“Thanks for making my vision a reality! I love it!"

Katie Roushia

"I used to have floating shelves that didn't' work very well and were hard to level and easily knocked off. Then I saw these hanging ones with the rough ropes and natural wood and I really love them. It's really sturdy and easy to adjust."

Etsy Customer

"Shipping was so fast! This shelf is adorable"

Etsy Customer